YooShi AMA

We hosted an amazing AMA with YooShi on the 21st of March

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. With the wave of the Web3, YooShi, as the head project in the GameFi field, took the lead in exploring Web3, and YooShi LaunchPad released a new IYO model and pioneered the slogan of bringing the GameFi distribution model to the Web3.0 world. So, first of all, welcome the guest to make a general introduction to YooShi and ecology-related content.

In the face of the future world, YooShiI has been actively exploring, YooShi LaunchPad took the lead in redesigning and launched an innovative IYO model: Bring GameFi to Web 3.0. The YooShi ecosystem consists mainly of YooShi LaunchPad, YooShi NFT (YooShiI Family NFT, NFT Market) and YooShi DeFi (Stake, Farms, Hashrate).

YooShi’s current ecology can be understood as two major parts1)YooShi’s expansion of NFT, Farm, and snap-up privileges for new project assets2)YooShi cooperation project – YooShiI Launchpad IYO.

NFT:1) Blind Box Sale: The first sale of assets participating in the IYO project2) NFT market: YooShi Family NFT, LaunchPad IYO form cooperation project NFT and its composition of the market3) NFT stake: NFT stakes and mines tokens and achieve token stake to upgrade the NFT hashrate value.

Farm: Tokens from cooperative projects in the form of $YOOSHI and LaunchPad IYO participate in Farm to get income.

Horizontal: LaunchPad is the core sector of YooShi ecology and one of the driving forces for the continuous prosperity of YooShi’s economic ecology. Projects released through YooShi LaunchPad will be supported by a range of YooShi infrastructure, resulting in development cost savings and more traffic. YooShi and projects released by YooShi LaunchPad will form a close ecological relationship, which will also drive better $YOOSHI deflation.

Portrait: The bottom level is based on the $YOOSHI transfer burning mechanism, and YooShi has its own products(Farms NFTs) on this basis. The top layer is the ecology, which includes all projects participating in YooShi IYO.

Q2. YooShi LaunchPad recently launched the IYO model, which has attracted extensive attention and discussion in the crypto community as soon as it was launched, bringing fresh vitality to the calm market. Since everyone is unfamiliar with this new model, can you introduce the content of IYO and the problems it can solve?

IYO (Initial Yooshi NFT Offering) is a distinct GameFi offering that evolves the initial asset offering for high-quality Web3 projects from the traditional Token IDO to a combination of Genesis NFT mining and Farm liquidity mining based on the Genesis NFT blind box.

​​The main content of IYO:1)NFT Blind Box Release2)NFT Stake Mining3)FARM Liquidity Mining.

Solve the following problems:1)Fair and equitable distribution of tokens:Distributing project Tokens in the form of staking NFT mining can reduce the early circulation of Tokens, and distribute Tokens to different users in different quantities and values, maximizing decentralized distribution and avoiding early Tokens being too concentrated.

2)Encourage pledge to reduce market circulationHashrate can be increased by mortgaging the corresponding number of project Tokens. This GameFi gameplay is conducive to locking part of the Token circulation.

3)United communityThe project engagement, as well as the user stickiness of NFT holders tend to be higher than Token holders, which is conducive to the ecological development of the project and early community construction.

A more detailed introduction to IYO: https://yooshi.medium.com/bring-gamefi-to-web3-0-new-iyo-mode-on-yooshi-launchpad-is-coming-806ff4f196fc

Q3. Thanks for your introduction to IYO, I believe that everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of this innovative model. But IYO is a new model after all, what is the specific implementation logic, and how’s it going currently?

First of all, as soon as the IYO model was launched, it grabbed many people’s attention, and many internet celebrities and media platforms have forwarded and expressed their positive views. IYO has also launched a corresponding campaign – successful referral projects can be rewarded with generous rewards: get the project’s whitelist reward to participate in the Genesis NFT blind box flash sale. And the first successful referrer, we may add additional rewards on this basis to thank the community members for the support of YooShi in the early days of IYO and to maximize the enthusiasm of members to participate in the event.

The current situation of IYO: On March 10, YooShi Launchpad officially launched the IYO model, and has opened link of the application form, and received applications from 27 projects to participate in IYO, which we did not expect. And we conducted a project survey in the first moment of receiving the application and are currently in the screening process, followed by further screening.

IYO model is a new model summarized by YooShi through the exploration of DNAxCAT and StarMon, and on this basis, the initial price performance of DNAxCAT and StarMon fully proved the implementability of the IYO model.

YooShi hopes to bring more choices to the asset issuance of new projects through the IYO model it has established, enrich the asset issuance model of the project, and provide better support and guarantee for the initial development of the project.

Q4.The YooShi ecosystem is still in early stages,especially the launch of the new model of IYO and full of opportunities. How can players who are interested in yooshi better participate? Do you have any suggestions?

The emergence of any new thing is bound to be accompanied by rare opportunities. The introduction of the IYO model also let us know the expectations of many players. YooShi itself is a community-based project that hopes to bring some benefits to the active participants of the project, the current ways for players to participate include:

1)IYO Project Recommendation: Apply for IYO (for Project Team): https://forms.gle/hNsh1E7eKj9ec1sn9

Recommend Projects (for community): https://forms.gle/8B59dwCoD82hAMfJ8

There is a whitelist reward mentioned in the above question for successfully recommended projects. And YooShi considers an additional reward for the first successful project to be recommended, according to the previous YooShi incubation project whitelist value estimate: a whitelist 2000U.

Everyone is welcome to actively participate in the event through the link and receive generous rewards.

2) YooShi Family NFT (LaunchPad IYO hashrate round) YooShi NFT is an indispensable part of certificate to participate in the YooShi IYO model cooperation project. Players holding YooShi NFT and meeting certain hashrate requirements can participate in the early asset issuance of new projects and purchase blind boxes. Different hashrates correspond to different privileges, followed by the changes of number of blind box that can be purchased. Also, YooShi NFT can be staked to mine, and the synthetic upgrade gameplay upgrades the hushrate, so that the value of YooShi NFT is maximized.

3)$YOOSHI(LaunchPad IYO whitelist rounds)Players who hold $YOOSHI and meet a certain number of requirements can participate in the LaunchPad IYO whitelist round (the specific number of holdings and screening rules are subject to the criteria at the start of the activity)YooShi charges a percentage of the service fee for projects participating in the LaunchPad IYO model, and most of the service fee is used to reduce market circulation by purchasing $YOOSHI. YooShi Family NFT is also based on $YOOSHI, NFT purchase, auction and synthesis will achieve $YOOSHI burn, while YooShi NFT’s stake mining hushrate upgrade gameplay will greatly reduce $YOOSH circulation. The IYO model will enable YooShi to cooperate with more projects, and the marketing of the project will make YooShi known and concerned by more people, forming a two-way loop and “head effect”.

Of course, there are many ways to participate in the YooShi ecosystem, you can start by joining the YooShi community to gradually understand YooShi: Telegram: https://t.me/yooshi_official

Q5. We can learn through YooShi’s social media account that YooSHi is currently focusing on IYO, and what are YooShi’s plans for the next development in the current market environment?

Yes, the current IYO launched by YooShi Launchpad is one of YooShi’s major projects. In the current relatively sluggish market environment, YooShi believes that this is a good time to find high-quality projects. At the current stage, YooShiI will mainly carry out the marketing of the Launchpad IYO model and the review and screening of applications to participate in the IYO project, and in the subsequent stage, it will cooperate with eligible projects in the form of IYO.

1) Changes in coverage:YooShi hopes to break the user’s inherent impression of YOOSHI – GameFi positioning, and what YooShi is going to do is an all-round pattern, not only a gameFi sector. YooShi will break through the previous single GameFi field, all potential projects can be partially adjusted on the basis of the IYO model to cooperate with IYO under proper conditions of both parties to optimize the cooperation effect between the two sides.

2) Integrity and sustainability of ecological value system:With the launch of the IYO model, the role of YooShi Family NFT will be reasonably reflected. Previously, due to the boutique incubation route, the value of YooShi NFT could not be fully reflected, and as a key part to link the ecosystem, its persistent value attribute in the development of the entire project was not shown. With the launch of the IYO model, more types and numbers of projects will enter YooShi Launchpad. And the joint roles of auction, synthesis, stake and other series of YooShi NFT will help to achieve the integrity and sustainability of the ecological value system.

3) The continuous creation of YooShi IP brand valueYooShi wants to bring more benefits to YooShi users, and allow YooShi loyal community users to get corresponding returns through the IYO model, we hope that users can obtain rich returns in Launchpad IYO project with our strict review of the project in the early stage and close cooperation in the middle and late stages, which has an important impact on the marketing of the IYO model and attracting more users and projects to notice IYO.

MetaFi is the word containing many extremely complex elements, YooShi will continue to explore.

Finally, I hope that everyone will actively participate in the YooShi LaunchPad IYO recommendation activity and get generous rewards through this activity!

Apply for IYO (for Project Team): https://forms.gle/hNsh1E7eKj9ec1sn9

Recommend Projects (for community): https://forms.gle/8B59dwCoD82hAMfJ8

And here we will put best questions from our members and YooShi fans:

Q1. what’s your problem?

YooShi hopes to do more marketing, there are still many people who don’t know YooShi.

Q2. According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

YooShi LaunchPad IYO.

more projects join the YooShi ecosystem.

Q3. is it possible to participate in YooShi with a small amount of money? What is the estimated profitability at the moment?

Sure,any player can join YooShi family.

You can join no matter how much money you have.

Q4. WHERE I Can GET the latest updates or more Information ABOUT THE project?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yooshi_official

Telegram: https://t.me/yooshi_official

Medium: https://medium.com/@YooShi

Channel: https://t.me/yooshi_announcement

Discord: https://discord.gg/YooShiGamePad

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/YooshiToken

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/YooShiOfficialChannel

Q5. Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

The underlying economy of YooShi is the burn system.

And this was the end of our AMA with YooShi.

If you have any questions you can ask here: Telegram Group: https://t.me/yooshi_official

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– Website: https://yooshi.io

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– Medium: https://medium.com/@YooShi

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