Yvision AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Yvision on the 13th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:..

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as Yvision ?

My name is Liam Huxley. I am CBDO at Yvision. I have a specialized business education, since 2017 I have been actively involved in the crypto industry. I’ve held several good roles in startups in the past years and was an advisor. Having extensive experience in trading in the stock market, I was able to transfer and transform trading algorithms to the crypto market, thanks to which in 2018-2020 I managed to grow a small fund more than 40 times. Most of my algorithms are at the core of the Yvision platform.
As for our project, Yvision is a multi-service yield generation platform, which makes it possible to use the most effective and the most unique yield generation strategies through one interface. This platform is designed for stakers, farmers, traders and arbitrageurs.
First of all we should start by understanding the problems each market participant is faced with. The market is growing very quickly, dozens of new projects appear every day, which is simply impossible for one person to keep track of. Not to mention the time to analyze these projects
Moreover, trends and sentiments change periodically and from time to time ordinary yield protocols become less profitable. This is where we come into play. Being always up-to-date, able to search through the best of DeFi and gain the biggest profits, saving the time and beating the market – that’s what every market participant gets with Yvision.

Q2. What are the advantages of Your project ?

The main advantage of our platform is that no other project provides such a range of services, while maintaining efficiency and easy accessibility.
The Yvision platform consists of 4 main components: on-chain DeFi aggregation protocol, DeFi yield strategy aggregator, flash foan constructor / arbitrage protocol, FlashBank Yield Protocol. The first part is essential for fast and efficient swaps. In this we relied on the excellent 1inch protocol which is taken as a basis. DeFi yield strategy aggregator is great for passive income. Competitive advantage is achieved through process optimization, constant updating of relevant data and the ability to boost profitability through staking of the native token. This is the classic part of the platform.
Our arbitrage protocol, supplemented by flash loans, allows users cross-platform fast trades using a virtually unlimited list of tokens. In this we really surpass everyone, because in the raw version, this part of the platform has been battle-tested since the beginning of this year and shows an incredible result. Custom instructions and basic combos for a quick start will be presented as well. In a more advanced version, we plan to provide SaaS for strategy automation
And the last, FlashBank yield protocol which allows earn yield from all automated Yvision strategies, earn interest from own deployed strategy (% from others), provide liquidity to be used for automated DEX-CEX arbitrage and boost APY even more with native token.
In sum, no other protocol provides this amount of service and such flexibility in use.

Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve in this year

For now we have to complete testing and conduct security audits of the basic parts of the platform, after which we will start preparing the interface of the arbitrage protocol and the flash loan constructor. For the Q4, we plan to launch our platform
and make it open to the community. After that we have to concentrate on bridging to other networks

Q4. Every project has a story behind their name, Can you tell us more about the story

In this case, we were inspired by Yearn. “Yvision” stands for “yield vision”.

And here we will put best questions from our members and Yvision fans:

Q1) Any small coding error can permanently damage the entire assets of the LPs. This is the biggest risk of Yield Farming . How will you deal with this problem? Has your smart contract been audited by any blockchain system?

Firstly our developers check everything on their own. Then, we have scheduled security audits with recognized companies and we think about launching a bug bounty. Moreover, since we have been using the raw version of our product since January, most of our contracts and bundles have been battle-tested

Q2) Yvision have two very interesting programs, the incentivized liquidity program and the strategy maker incentive. So, can you give details of these two programs that help the development of the YVision ecosystem? How can the community and users participate in these programs?

When it comes to providing liquidity, everything is simple. The protocol needs more liquidity and offers additional rewards in return. Liquidity is essential for the platform to work.
Yvision plans to continually create its own liquidity pools for newest assets, encouraging LPs with the highest APY on the market to expand FlashBank’s capabilities. We will also partner with some of the existing liquidity protocols. This is especially true for protocols that provide deep liquidity in stablecoin pairs.

Q3) Yvision has a FlashBank Performance Protocol. To what extent can this protocol optimize the operations performed with Yvision? Does this model not depend on the state of the market, either bullish or bearish? The performance is not affected by any of these situations?

As for the flash loan constructor and the arbitrage protocol, this is a really great, highly effective product. Anyone can participate thanks to detailed instructions and examples.
FlashBank yield protocol which allows earn yield from all automated Yvision strategies, earn interest from own deployed strategy, provide liquidity to be used for automated DEX-CEX arbitrage and boost APY with our native token. In fact, you can simply add liquidity or native tokens, then do nothing else and receive passive income.
Our project is about trend-independence. There is only one option where the high profitability of our platform can decrease: the complete absence of volatility in the market, zero pulse. This is not possible as long as the current financial system is working. Therefore, there is no problem here.

Q4) On your website, you mentioned about “Project Treasury” but I didn’t find much information about it. Can you tell me about the features and functions the treasury plays in the YVision ecosystem? How do users benefit from this treasury?

Well, the treasury plays a rather important role in our ecosystem. It’s involved in the following processes:

  1. commision rebate for token holders
  2. earn interest from own deployed strategy (for creator: % from others, bonus % from treasury)
  3. strategy deployer incentives
  4. insurance fund
  5. future developments and implementations
  6. buybacks
    7 DAO governance

Q5) I read on your website that you allow users to staking with the $YVI token but there is not much information about it. So, can you give more details about your program or staking system with which users will be able to give more utility to the $YVI token and get more benefits?

There are several options to stake YVI, some are ordinary like LP or governance staking, other more interesting such as APY booster where additional staking of the native token will significantly increase yield. More details can be found in our article: https://yvision.medium.com/apy-booster-explained-1f379a66eea6
The token itself has a number of utility functions and is an important part of the ecosystem:

  1. incentivized liquidity program (get incentivized by providing liquidity on the market)
  2. staking rewards (simply stake your YVI tokens on the platform)
  3. APY booster (boost your FlashBank Vault APY by adding YVI tokens)
  4. yield rewards (choose to get paid with YVI or stables)
  5. strategy creator incentive (get rewarded for your own profitable strategy)
  6. flashbank gains are partially using for YVI buy backs and burn)
  7. future governance functionality: dao, dividends, treasury usage.
  8. on mature stages: treasury partial distribution (yearly, with lock-ups)

Q6) Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Total supply 10m tokens. Our tokenomics will be available closer to the date of the respective events 😉

Q7) Every day Many projects are launching and they promise growth but after some time they just vanish away!!
So How you will sustain yourself in this very competitive environment of cryptocurrency?

We are constantly developing and upgrading our contracts and bundles. And as long as they generate a competitive income, people will use them. Easy.

Q8) How strong is your team? Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?

We must admit that the core of our team is perfect. Our CEO has vast experience in the areas of business building, launching startups and venture capital investments and, as a result, a huge number of business connections, which is very useful for a new project. Our CTO, Andy, has 12 years of IT experience. He is an experienced Senior Software Developer, ambitious and well-organized architect, specialized in delivering large-scale systems. Thanks to him, any ideas are quickly implemented technically. As for me…I already told at the beginning 😁
The main reason why the project will not be abandoned is that we originally created it for ourselves, and after that we decided to offer it to the community.

Q9) NFT is really a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market now. So how is your project planning to develop NFT then how is your project planning to integrate it with DeFi

No, thanks 😁
We are the different type of apes 😁 At least until liquidity appears on the NFT market.
However our ambassador program assumes NFT badges as well

Q10) Do you have a community for NoN “English” speakers and are you a global project or not? Any Ambassador program plans available for different countries?

Right now we are running an ambassador program and we will be glad to have your participation, including the creation of unofficial non-English communities.

And this was the end of our AMA with Yvision.

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