Zebec Protocol AMA

we hosted an amazing AMA with Zebec Protocol on the 11th of October

And here we will put some of the best questions:

Q1. Some of our audience are not that familiar with Zebec. Could you introduce Zebec’s position and vision and what problem in the industry inspired you to build Zebec?

of course

Zebec is a revolutionary DeFi technology that empowers real-time, frictionless and continuous streams of payments. The automatic money streams made possible through Zebec allow businesses, employees and consumers to completely reimagine how they are paid, how they invest and how they buy products or services.

Zebec allows direct and instant financial transaction settlements between parties, without the need for any intermediaries.

Q2. What’s the background of core members? How do you know them? What’s the fundraising status?

Zebec raised more than $35 million in initial investors including Circle, Coinbase, Solana Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Alameda Research.

before starting Zebec, I’ve started several ventures and through the experience of e-commerce and AI algorithms, I was deeply touched by the loss of users caused by the payment system that plays a key role.

Q3. What’s the stage of Zebec in terms of product perspective? Who is your audience and what feature they can use?

As mentioned before, Zebec Protocol is a continuous settlement protocol that currently runs on Solana, and supports over 250 dApps. It allows for payments to be turned into continuous streams, allowing workers to leverage the time value of their wages, and its payroll application is tax-compliant.

Zebec Protocol is currently the largest business-facing project in the Solana Ecosystem despite only being launched a little over six months ago. It has a TVL of $300 million with over 500,000 community members.

Q4. It seems Zebec is working on both to-Business and to-customer. Could you introduce the to-business side? Partner with whom and how do you collaborate?

As of now we have most of the Solana ecosystem and it has a simple UX

You can follow the following steps to easily get started in The Stream.
Got to https://zebec.io/
Have Phantom Wallet installed as an extension.
Click on the “Get Started” button on the homepage and connect with the Phantom Wallet.
Enter your desired amount, recipient address, and select start and end date to start a stream.
Let’s understand Zebec Pay with a real example. Let’s suppose Sam wants to hire David to build a project to participate in Solana’s Ignition hackathon for 50 Sol for 40 days starting from Aug 31, 2021 to Oct 08, 2021. Sam wants to pay David per second using Zebec Protocol.
Creating a stream payment
In order to create a stream payment, first and foremost Sam must have 50 Sol or more in his phantom wallet. Sam can now initialize the stream payment by entering the recipient wallet address and selecting date and time. In our case, the following are the details for creating a stream.

Amount – 50 Sol
Recipient Wallet Address (David’s Wallet Address)- AD51HA9nhEemo2w1pwnQ3BioyYVUWvNNNfArYpf9UffH
Start Date – Aug 31, 2021; 09:00
End Date – Oct 08, 2021; 09:00
Receiving a Stream Payment
For David to receive from a stream payment, he needs to simply give his wallet address to Sam and view the stream by checking “Incoming Streams” in the Dashboard.
Pause & Resume
If David is not working or if there’s any conflict of interest, Sam can pause the stream payment to stop payment being streamed to David’s address and resume it again.

Cancelling a Stream Payment
If Sam is unhappy with David’s work or vice versa, both can cancel the stream payment whenever they want to. Let’s understand how “Cancel” works in more detail. Let’s assume Sam canceled the stream payment after 31 days on Sep 30, 2021; 17:00. David will receive 39.17 Sol (31 days & 8 hours work) and the stream will end.

Withdrawing from a Stream Payment
David will be able to withdraw from an ongoing stream, from a completed stream or from a cancelled stream. Let’s suppose the stream is still in progress but David wants to withdraw on Sep 06, 2021; 9:00. David will be able to withdraw 8.75 Sol on Sep 06, 2021 at 9:00. Once the stream is completed, David will be able to withdraw the whole amount i.e 50 Sol. If the stream is cancelled, David will be able to withdraw the amount that has been streamed upto the cancelled date (this scenario has been explained above in “Cancelling a Stream Payment”).

Q5. What are the use cases of stram payment? How to fulfill these use cases better? Could you pick a more iconic use case and walk us thru it?

Zebec Pay is redefining payroll for the 21st century. For the first time, employees can be paid instantly, by the second, without having to wait days or weeks to be paid. In addition to providing employees with immediate access to their money, Zebec Pay streams can be programmed for each employee for automatic crypto investing, DeFi yield farming and more. Using The Zebec Pay for streaming payment gives you the following benefits.
Enables liquidity for both sender and receiver.
Eliminates the problem of payment disputes in the gig economy.
Increases token productivity.
Creates trustless future in Payroll.

Q6. What’s the advantage of building on the Solana ecosystem? Concise multichain structure? Any L1 you think is worth considering and having a plan to integrate?

Actually we’ve announced the expasion to BNB few weeks ago and through Operation Horizon, we are hoping to become the frictionless global payment standard regardless of the chain

To learn more, please feel free to join

🔥 Operation Horizon
🔥 Zebec’s Official Twitter

Horizon Validator|BNB Ecosystem|Visa Card|Themis Gavel DAO|Discord

Join Operation Horizon to get Zepoch Node and start earning rewards

Q7. What’s the usage for $ZBC? what ‘s the use cases, and how to acquire them?

Governance Influence — At the launch of Zebec DAO, Zebec holders will each have the ability to vote on all aspects related to the management and administration of Zebecl Protocol, through governance, including governance action, referenda, network upgrades, council elections, and parameter adjustments, integrations, changes to incentives, and all other managerial functions.

Developers holding ZBC tokens and building products on top of Zebec will be able to stake ZBC Token to get Tier 1 benefits.

Hope that answers the utility part

Q8. Within tokenomics, is there any category users should pay more attention to it?

Well, To encourage users to use Zebec product lines actively, inflationary rewards will be given at the beginning to subsidize and in future bull runs to encourage longer holding periods. Additionally, a staking option has also been introduced to incentivize to purchase and stake zebec up to a certain price threshold and maximize years of service and % discount on monthly payments.

apart from that I’d like to encourage users to cobuild with us through Operation Horizon 🙂

Q9. With the development of the crypto wallet, many features will be embedded, and no need for a protocol to stream payment. What do you think about the competition from the crypto wallet?

I think it’s a misconception where having more wallets diminishes the need for stream payment, we actually see crypto wallet as valuable partners.

Storing and payment are 2 different stories

especially with wage payment

We are always looking into ways in making payment and receiving wages as frictionless as possible and the more wallet we support the better

Q10. On the Zebec roadmap, is there any major event we should pay attention to?

Again, the launch of Operation Horizon is THE Major Event

As mentioned before, we are the largest business-facing project in the Solana Ecosystem, with more than 200 Solana projects using Zebec’s streaming payment system in their daily operations.

But with such meteoric growth came growing pains. While the Solana chain has served well to this point, we needed a more interoperable chain that could still maintain a high TPS. Even more critically, because Zebec handles essential payment services like payroll and is working with companies like Visa to revolutionize payments, we simply cannot afford to have outages. Zebec must be reliable.

For these reasons, we have decided to launch a rollup chain that enables speeds of up to 700,000 TPS. We are building a multi-chain, interoperable infrastructure — one that can attract more users and partners to Zebec.
That’s where Operation Horizon comes in.

Operation Horizon signifies Zebec Chain, or ZBC Chain, a payment-focused L1 built by and for the community.

and consists of 2 key components: Zepoch Node NFTs and Themis Gavel NFTs.
Zepoch Nodes NFTs guarantee the right to run a validator node on ZBC Chain when it launches.

Q11. What is Operation Horizon?

As mention before, Operation Horizon signifies Zebec Chain, or ZBC Chain, a payment-focused L1 built by and for the community.

and it consists of 2 key components: Zepoch Node NFTs and Themis Gavel NFTs.

Zepoch Nodes NFTs guarantee the right to run a validator node on ZBC Chain when it launches and where Themis Gavel NFT holders will have governance right in the ecosystem growth.

In our vision of building a frictionless payment standard, @Zebec_HQ has announced the launch of Operation Horizon.

We invite you to co-build with Zebec and enjoy the perks that come with Operation Horizon!

You can learn more about Operation Horizon here

🔥 Join Operation Horizon

Q12. How will Zebec Chain and Operation Horizon make the world a better place? 

That’s an interesting question

let me throw in some data

Behind-the-scenes payments processing — the “plumbing” of payments — is also changing as payment initiation changes from cards and traditional accounts to digital wallets and as regulators force the industry to strengthen, or build up, domestic infrastructure for payments.

International card networks and card processors, often US-domiciled, are facing pressure on their core business and have started repositioning themselves to retain relevance.

Digital wallet providers will look to adopt “open-loop” technologies and seek interoperability to benefit from (and not fall behind on) the ongoing globalization of payment rails.

The global payment market value is 40 Trillion USD. With the launch of Operation Horizon, Zebec is estimated to capture 2% of the market share, attracting many allies and users via expanding to different chains.

Q13. What are Zepoch Node NFT? 

Zepoch Node Holders are essentially a stakeholder of the Zebec Ecosystem and will share future benefits

we’ve actually have a Twitter Thread explaining the benefits of Zepoch Node Holder

Make sure to check it out and drop a like if you like what you see

Q14. What are Zebec Points? 

Zebec Points is the incentive voucher of the Zebec ecosystem, which aims to motivate participants in the community to build an ecosystem and obtain more income from the Zebec ecosystem, which is the embodiment of the participants’ contribution value to ecosystem construction. Stakes, referrals, participation in Zebec agreements, and participation in specific missions which allows users to earn Zebec Points.

Q15. What rewards does a Zepoch Node NFT give me? 

You can check it out right here 😉

But for users who doesn’t have access to Twitter.

Node Revenue

Once Zebec Chain is live, Zepoch nodes will be prioritized for validation rights and receive on-chain transaction fees (GAS Fees), which are expected to have a 4-7% APY.

Revenue Share

After the launch of the Zepoch ecosystem, 20% of the profit will be used as buyback every year for Zepoch holders.

Whitelist Privilege

Zepoch holders will have access to the whitelist of Zebec Chain’s ecosystem, entitled to early participation rights and airdrops from all IDO projects on the Zebec Chain ecosystem.

Zebec Airdrops

Once the number of nodes reaches 15,000, Zebec will airdrop 1,000,000 ZBC per day to Zepoch holders, which will be halved in 3 months and continued until the main net is launched (about one year). ☄️

Boost Rewards

Each Zepoch holder will receive up to 20% of the Boost Reward for inviting a friend.

Earn 5% of the rewards of your friend’s airdrop as long you refer a friend

Zepoch Node Appreciation

The price of a Zepoch node starts from $2000. For every 50 Zepoch purchased, the price will increase by 0.5%.

More to come ser B)

Q16. How do I get a Zepoch Node NFT?

You will be able to purchase it starting on 13th of Oct on horizon.zebec.io

Q17. What is a Themis Gavel NFT?

Themis Gavel is a soul-bound NFT that uses the (EIP-5114) protocol, and the primary function of this NFT is to have voting rights within Zebec’s Governance Process.

Q18. How do I get a Themis Gavel NFT? 

The Themis Gavel is synchronized with the Zepoch Node, so if you hold Zepoch Node you will receive Themis as well

Q19. What goes into running a Validator Node for Zebec Chain? 

Hold the Zepoch Node 🙂

And here we will put best questions from our members and Zebec Protocol fans:

Q1. I understand that Zebec is a continuous settlement protocol in Solana, but do you really only plan to stay in this network because of its great speed and speed? Or do you also have in mind to expand to EVM networks in order to have a greater reach?

As mentioned throughout the AMA we are looking into expanding to different chains, starting from BNB and Operation Horizon will help us to establish ourselves as the Fricitionless Global Payment Standard regardless of what chain

Q2. I read that Visa has incorporated the first project Solana to its Fast Track program, and that project is #Zebec. What impact has this new Zebec listing with Visa generated? What are the companies & establishments with which it will be possible to pay with #Zebec through Visa?

I think it is huge move not just for us but for Visa as well, Zebec’s unique programmable and continuous money stream protocol makes it simple for anyone to send and receive cash up to the second for investments, payments, subscriptions and more.

Q3. What is your top priority for 2022? Can you and your team members share a bit about the strategy that your Zebec project to the will implement in the near future? What makes the team feel confident to win in the long run?!

The priority now is to make sure Operation Horizon will be a success.

I think the team has proven ourselves through our past records.

Since our launch in March 2022, Zebec has reached a TVL of $300 million and has onboarded more than 500,000 registered users. It is currently the largest Business Facing project in the Solana Ecosystem, with more than 200 Solana projects utilizing Zebec stream payment mechanism in their daily operation.

Zebec is proving its potential even without launching any staking mechanism, and based on Solana’s current ecosystem; we expect that Zebec Protocol will soon exceed $1 Billion in TVL.

Q4. It caught my attention that Zebec currently offers “Multisig Treasury Management and Payroll solutions”to Web3 projects gaining mass adoption rapidly. Could you please tell us about the Multisig Treasury Management & the payroll Solutions? How does it make $Zebec top of the town?

For the Multissig Treasury Management, it’s to add more security for your payment needs. You will be able to stream or send instantly, deposit or withdraw tokens, as well as keep track of all the transactions and tokens available in your treasury.

Q5. How will Zebec Chain and Operation Horizon make the world a better place?
And How do I participate?

Hahaha, I think I answered this throughout the AMA

As mentioned here

But feel free to join Operation Horizon via horizon.zebec.io

And this was the end of our AMA with Zebec Protocol.

You can find us here:

Website :https://zebec.io/

Telegram Community :https://t.me/zebecprotocol

Telegram Announcements :https://t.me/zebececosystem

Twitter :https://twitter.com/Zebec_HQ

Discord :https://discord.gg/fJM9cHuvvB

CoinGecko :https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/zebec-protocol

Docs :https://docs.zebec.io/